This is a game changer! You will never lose your keys again!

Made from 16 inches of luxurious leather, your Key Leash features beautiful metallic swivel clips on each end.

Clip one end of your Key Leash to the D-ring in your Matrix, Modern, or Moxie tote, and the other end to your keys.

When you need your keys, simply pull up on the leash, the ample length allows for easy retrieval of your keys from anywhere in your bag, allowing you to unlock your door then drop them back into your bag! Your keys will be waiting for you the next time you need them!

Another fun way to use the Key Leash is to use more than one.  They can be attached to the Mini or the Mini-Mini pouch so that your cash, credit cards or that fabulous new lipstick are just a pull away.  Like your keys, they will be quickly accessible and a cinch to find!  

The peace of mind that comes from always knowing where your most easily lost items are: Priceless!

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  • 16” of luxurious leather
  • No need to unclip your keys to use them
  • One end attaches to the D-ring in your bag, the other end attaches to your keys
  • The leash is long enough for your keys to reach your door, unlock or lock, then simply drop them back into your bag. They will be there when you need them again!
  • Beautiful gold or silver tone swivel clips on each end
  • Use more than one key leash to attach the Mini and the Mini-Mini pouch to have quick and easy access to your smaller, more frequently used items.


  • Fine detailed leather
  • Gold or silver tone swivel clips


L 16” x W 3/8”

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