A Letter From The Creator

Like most of us, my busy life revolved around balancing work, family and all the numerous demands on my time. With my full schedule and little to no time to spare, trying to find something in my cluttered handbag was a daily source of stress and frustration.

Where is it? Did I lose it? What if I don’t find it?

While these thoughts were racing through my mind, I would begin by feeling around in my bag for the item.  Then I would look inside and if that did not work, I started taking things out one by one, sometimes resorting to dumping out all of the contents. Eventually I would find it, but I began to realize how many moments in a day, a week, a month, I was spending feeling frustrated.  My precious time and energy was being wasted…

I did not have a good relationship with my handbag…

At the same time, I began learning about Feng Shui and how it is energetically related to clutter.

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of balancing the flow of natural life energy, known as Chi, to help create positive benefits in our lives.  

The flow of Chi is repelled by the stagnant energy of clutter.  Clearing that clutter allows a strong, vibrant, Chi to flow into your space.

When Chi energy is flowing freely, it creates room for positive energy and allows for something new and better to come into your life.  

When I cleared the clutter and organized my handbag, I started feeling so much better.  I experienced more peace and ease; there was more physical space and I felt my energy flowing again.

And this is how The M Bag began…

Motivated by my experience, I began working to develop a collection of purposefully designed tote bags, handbag organizers, and accessories that would joyfully combine fashion and function.

It was important that The M Bags were beautiful on the outside, but The M Bag’s inner beauty was just as important to me, as this is where I feel “beauty” and positive change really begin. When we feel good inside, that “beauty within” shines through… The colorful pockets inside The M Bags are there to remind you of your inner beauty.

It took over three years of research and development to produce The M Bag.

I wanted to create bags that were infused with integrity and that used the highest quality materials and craftsmanship and that attracted more Chi energy.

If you have ever experienced frustration with the clutter in your handbag like I did, my sincerest hope is that The M Bag supports and nourishes you, and helps foster a sense of peace, ease and beauty within you and your handbag.

After all, it is not just what you carry, but how you carry it…  

Love, Madeline